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Joséphine & Napoléon

Ideally located on the heights of the small typical village of Tignes les Brévières, close to the ski lift which provides direct access to the entire ski resort, this chalet offers 2 apartments, each with 5 bedrooms, decorated in a traditional style.

Les 5 marmottes

Luxury 120m² 4 bedroom apartment for up to 8 people, with a large south-facing balcony offering sublime views across the Lake and the mountains beyond.

Casa San Bernardo

Village house rebuilt with the use of the most modern and traditional know-how: wood-fired boiler room, stone facings, wooden facade walkways.

JOY, as a symbol

Eight years ago, while painting his first picture of a woman’s cry of joy, Raphaël Laventure had the flash to design a wall sculpture with the same expression.

JOY, with its acidulous colours and joyful face, spreads waves of happiness to everyone who looks at it. It is interesting to see the interaction between the work and the public.

Although the face « JOY » does not represent a particular woman, every woman can find herself in it through its expression and curves.

You will experience the same happiness in every of our Chalets or Apartments … even while driving our legendary Fiat 500 or one of our E-chopper !

In short … N’Joy 😊 !

About the artist

Raphaël Laventure was born in 1986 in Périgueux (France), in a region rich in art and history.
Raphaël grew up in a creative family environment, his mother who loved to paint fed his imagination during his youth.

As a child, he admired the splendid ancient statues, both Hellenistic and Roman, losing himself in the drapery of an Athena or the angelic features of a Venus, which today inspire his work, the female figure being his subject of prediction.

The BORN TO BE HAPPY universe

BORN TO BE HAPPY is the message of hope, of possibility, that Raphaël Laventure wishes to deliver, that of joy in the image of the radiant models he depicts. The artist reveals a true philosophy of life: happiness is within everyone’s reach, each person holds the secret in their heart.

Among us, there are those who believe in their dreams and would move mountains to reach the great pyramids of Egypt, and there are those who bend over backwards in the face of the obstacles, the wounds that life inflicts on them. Raphaël Laventure addresses this univsersal message to everyone without exception, without barriers or borders.

His technique in painting and sculpture

The artist paints with the knife technique (metallic spatula) using acrylic paint, which allows him to obtain a textural effect thanks to the superposition of several layers. This play of matter creating relief gives life to the painting.

Raphaël makes his sculptures in resin and fibreglass using a silicone/resin mould. Once the sculpture is out of the mould, there is a sanding and preparation work before starting to paint on the sculpture.

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